Health and Housing

Health and Housing

Safe and stable housing is one of the most important social determinants of health, but federal policies on healthcare and housing are inefficiently siloed. Addressing the larger health and behavioral needs of communities through healthy housing initiatives has an outsized impact on the population’s health as a whole.

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Health and Housing

America’s biggest Medicaid insurer just pledged to help build nearly $1 billion of affordable housing: ‘We know 80% of what drives health is nonmedical’

May 20, 2024
Health and Housing | Rental Housing

HUD Announces Nearly $90 Million to Make Low-income Families’ Homes Safer and Healthier

May 2, 2024
Climate | Health and Housing | Racial Equity | Sustainability

Where You Live Matters

National Fair Housing Alliance
Health and Housing | Homeownership | Rental Housing

Skipping Meals and Working Overtime: The Sacrifices Americans Make to Afford Housing

April 5, 2024
Health and Housing | Preservation

HUD Announces Nearly $70 Million in Grants to Protect Families from Home Health and Safety Hazards

April 9, 2024
Community Development | Health and Housing | Production/Supply

Local Housing Solutions

Local Housing Solutions
Health and Housing | Racial Equity

Housing Solutions Lab

NYU Furman Center
Community Development | Health and Housing | Homelessness | Production/Supply | Regulatory Reform

Biden Administration Releases President’s Budget Request for FY25

Enterprise Community Partners
March 13, 2024
Health and Housing

In Hospitals, Affordable Housing Gets the Long-Term Investor It Needs

The New York Times
March 12, 2024
Climate | Community Development | Health and Housing | Homelessness | Homeownership | Production/Supply | Rental Housing

FACT SHEET: The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2025

The White House
March 11, 2024
Health and Housing | Production/Supply

Exploring the Affordable Housing Shortage’s Impact on American Workers, Jobs, and the Economy

Bipartisan Policy Center
March 1, 2024
Health and Housing | Homeownership | Racial Equity

The White House Equity Action Plan Progress Report

The White House
February 16, 2024

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